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PWAC’s Adult Achievement Center began serving individuals with developmental disabilities in 2017 as a program that enabled individuals to be active members of their community and to achieve their optimum level of independence and lead happy and productive lives.

Individuals seeking services must have a diagnosis of a physical, emotional, or developmental disability that hinders them from interacting in their home and community independently and be at least 18 years of age.

After a referral is made an intake meeting with your plan team will be conducted. At this intake meeting information is reviewed such as your ISP, needs/strengths, physical and medical needs, your psychological/behavioral needs, staffing support level, and funding available. If you and your team decide AAC is the program that best suits your needs and desires a start date will be arranged.

The AAC creates a positive environment where individuals have opportunities to build their knowledge and abilities/competencies in daily living skills, health awareness, using money correctly, safety awareness, leisure skills, socialization skills and self-determination. PWAC does this within the facility and in the community with hands-on experience.

The AAC is licensed through the PA Dept. of Human Services/Office of Developmental Programs 2380 Regulations.

We provide daily a combination of the following:

  • Lessons from a socialization/interpersonal curriculum with hands on experiences to reinforce newly learned skills;
  • Group lessons that capture current events that individuals can relate to;
  • Academic activities (math, reading, letter recognition, writing practice, color recognition, etc.);
  • Gross and fine motor activities;
  • Low impact physical activities;
  • Work experiences as well as volunteer opportunities in the community;
  • Explore community resources and learn how to access community resources.