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Progressive Lawn & Landscaping is a widely recognized and sought after part of PWAC’s Small Group Employment Program.  Within this division, which was formally named in 2018, trainees provide lawn services to both residential and commercial customers in Armstrong County and surrounding communities.  Services provided include mowing, trimming, leaf clean-up, mulching, and much more.  This service is provided from (approximately) April to November each year  and is available on a consistent basis or as needed for special projects.

Progressive Lawn & Landscaping has been hired by many residential customers and regularly provides services to such businesses as United Rockville Lutheran Church, Widnoon Softserve, Armstrong County Historical Museum and Genealogical Society, Inc. Mateer Cemetery, the Outdoor Discovery Center at Crooked Creek, Twin Pines, and many more. Call PWAC at 724-548-5664 for more information or to obtain a quote!